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Roll Forming

Alto is well-versed in the roll forming process. Roll forming is an efficient method
of producing competitively priced, large volume metal profiles. Roll forming is a logical choice for jobs that require tight tolerances and secondary processes in the forming operation. Unlike a press brake complex and difficult cross sections can be completed very efficiently using the Roll forming process.

Our team of on-site engineers and fabricators are ready to assist you on your project.

Value-Added Oppurtunities
  Roll Forming Extruding Press Brake Bending Stamping
Lengths Over 84" Yes Yes No No
Various Metals Yes No Yes Yes
Sweeping of the section Yes Yes No No
Embossing Yes No No Yes
Pierce Holes Yes No No Yes
Welding Yes No No No
Bending of Material Yes Yes Yes Yes

Roll Formed Shapes:


Rollforming Equipment Specifications:

Alto has 22 roll forming machines that range in shaft diameter from 1.25" to 2.0" with up to 24 passes for complicated shapes. Special roll forming capabilities include in-line pre and post punching, notching, ring rolling and bending.

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