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Alto is always set up to produce these items for long runs.


Angles of infinite numbers of sizes may be had. Stock thickness ranges from .005 to .135. Included angle may vary from near flat (179 degrees) to almost closed (1 degree). Legs may be of equal or unequal length and up to 31/2 long on 90 degrees. These angles may be rolled up to 30' in length.

"U" Channels
U Channels are available in widths varying from 1/8" to 8" (drawing/ width "A"). Channel legs may be of equal or unequal height and up to 2-1/2" long (LEGS "B"). Stock thickness may vary from .005" to .134" (THICKNESS "C"). Any type material may be rolled. These channels can be notched or made with a tongue and slot arrangement.

(The drawings below illustrate some of the possible variations to a plain U channel.)


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