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Alto Metal Saddles

Alto Metal saddles are an alternative to IMTP Rings. Alto's Metal Saddles belong to the second generation of Tower packings. Alto Metal Saddles are produced to an industry standard design and are widely used in all variety of applications.Alto's metal Saddles are proudly made in USA.

Metal Saddles Rings are heavily used in distillation towers: from deep vacuum towers, where low pressure drop is crucial, to high-pressure towers, where capacity easily surpasses that of conventional trays. The low aspect characteristic of Metal saddles promotes a better or “less random” fill of the packed bed. It settles in a manner that orients more of the flat surfaces parallel to vapor and liquid traffic than perpendicular to flow. This orientation increases capacity while still maintaining effective surface area for vapor/liquid contact. 

Many absorption and stripping towers, especially those aiming for high capacity or close approach to equilibrium, rely on Metal Saddle packing. The low pressure drop, high specific heat-transfer coefficient, as well as the fouling resistance of Metal Saddle packing contributes to its success in heat transfer towers, such as olefin plant quench columns.

Alto's Metal Saddels are available in a wide range of materials like steel, stainless steel, Aluminun and special alloys like Monel 400 and Inconel.

Size Wall Approximate Approximate Free Space Surface
  Thickness (mm) Pcs/CuFt Wgt/CuFt* % Area
25 0.30 3825 16.0 96.8 73
40 0.40 1420 14.4 97.1 49
50 0.40 416 9.3 98.1 31
  70 0.50 131 7.1 98.6 19
* Weights shown are for 304 SS

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